We manage complexity!

Welcome to Loglay AG. We manage complexity and identify business opportunities in complex situations. Helping to analyse and cut through them by developing feasible and sustainable business models.

We understand and further develop innovative technologies and the future trends underlying them. Invest into technological development and assist in integrating additional investors.

Is complexity complex?

Back in the 15th Century, Leonardo da Vinci, the great genius of the 15th century was convinced that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” However, the world is a complex place and it’s only getting more so, we embrace complexity and find innovative solutions out of it. We developed an approach to streamline processes down to the barest essentials.

Or as Alan Perlis put it: “Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it”.

What is complexity?

First, we need to understand complexity, how complexity emerges and how the elements interact. Second, we need to be able to remove or at least manage complexity.

Complexity is generally used to characterize situations with numerous interactive parts. Emergent complexity is probably the most confusing form of complexity, it arises out of interactions between departments, processes, entities or several stakeholder groups.

Complexity is most likely uncomfortable!  It is fine and well to enjoy thinking about complexity as an intellectual exercise, but how to approach it in the real world where you are accountable for results?

How to manage complexity?

While embracing complexity may be quixotic, ignoring it is not an option. Our Value Design Approach incorporates and integrates stakeholders, each of their needs and roles and thereby gathers all needed information to make the solution design manageable.

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